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Weekend Update

What beautiful weather! Gorgeous, gorgeous. A little ragweed isn’t going to get me down. 🙂

Friday night, Common Ground had our movie night. We watched The Princess Bride – a classic movie from my high school days. Great movie – even after the 40th time. So many great, quotable lines.

On Saturday, a few of us from Common Ground went to Windermere to volunteer for the day – part of a group of young singles affiliated with the current network (Cooperative Baptist Fellowship young leader’s network) across the United States that are trying to be involved in making a difference on Sept. 11 – a day known now for pain and violence. Some of us did some landscaping work for them and our guys spent the day assembling bunk beds for some of the new lodging. Then, we relaxed for a while by the pool on a perfect Saturday afternoon. Good times, good times – right, Preston?? 🙂

Saturday night I spent some time with my sis and my nephew, Blake. We went out to supper together although Blake managed to sleep through the entire time we were together. I’m beginning to take it personally . . . (just kidding)

Sunday was a full day as well with church events. Spent the afternoon with a friend and then returned to church for an evening of piano praise (five grand pianos, millions of notes, etc.) Nice time of worship.

As I’ve shared with some of you, after reading Nicholas Spark’s works, I am thinking about writing again. I use to think about writing books but had misplaced that desire over the years. So, I’ve been dedicating my spare thoughts each day to thinking about a story that people would resonate with and characters that they could relate to. I’m open to suggestions if you won’t sue me later for a commission! 🙂

Peace – Melissa

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