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Weekend Update

This weekend was the first "me-weekend" I’ve had in a long time! Nearly the whole summer, I think.  I spent Friday night with friends enjoying dinner and a movie. Today I slept in (hallelujah), cleaned some, recycled my overflowing bins, got groceries and helped my sister with some projects as she prepares for the start of school on Monday. I’ve used my new reusuabled bags twice now to purchase groceries and I love them! They are excredibly sturdy and hold a lot of groceries.  And no plastic bags!  I didn’t even know until today that you get a 5 cent refund for bringing in your own bag at the grocery store that I shop.  At this rate, I’ll have earned back what I spent on those bags by ….  nevermind.  Its for a good of the earth.  Its for the good of the earth.  Its for the ….

Tonight we had a bowling "going away" party for one of our girls in Common Ground.  She moves on Monday and we celebrated her brief time with us and the friendships that developed.

Friday I attended a discussion group in Blackwater, MO, on church planting.  We met at the IronHorse Hotel and Restaurant and it was delicious.  An old converted house rich with history. It was hosted by CBF-MO and it was a great opportunity to sit together and share our hearts about our own journey with church planting or the idea of church planting.  I’ve been doing a lot of reading and researching on church planting for quite awhile as I continue to look at ways of bringing the faith discussion to individuals and groups that do not respond with traditional church structure or organization. I enjoyed the opportunity to hear similar views and struggles from others who are on a similar journey.

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