Random Reflections

What a Difference a Day Makes

It is amazing how a day can begin and end on completely different sides of the spectrum.  Sometimes this occurs as a result of a very clear interruption in the day.  A phone call.  A diagnosis.  A poorly-chosen lunch.  But sometimes you just shift ever so slightly throughout the day without awareness of movement like the earth rotating beneath your feet.  And in a dawning of clarity or the poke of the Spirit, your looking at a different horizon.  Or maybe the same horizon but through different lenses.  You wake up with that bad taste of depression in your mouth and you lay down with the aroma of hope lingering around you.

Whatever the reason or reasons, you are simply grateful that the day took a turn for the better.  Grateful that tonight you rest with pleasant anticipation . . . with peace . . . with hope that things will be okay.  Or at least better than you thought this morning.  And grateful that you passed on the late-night burrito from Taco Bell.

I’m heading to St. Louis for the day to visit a parishioner having heart surgery.  Please pray for Jennifer and her family.

Peace –

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