Random Reflections

What Happens Next?

Wouldn’t foreknowledge be great?  Wouldn’t it just be swell to know before you make a decision what the outcome of that decision would be?  Wouldn’t it just be nice and comfortable to know you are always going to make the right choice or take the right step because you’ve gone ahead and you know what the right choices are and which are the right steps to take?  Wouldn’t that be just grand?

Unfortunately, most decisions have to be made without that foreknowledge.  Its not the little decisions that bother me.  Its the big ones.  Its those big, life-changing, heart-risking decisions that I wish I could foretell.  That I wish I had a video to fast-forward through and see what my lines should be in order to bring about the ending I want.

I know, I know . . . to know such things takes all the joy and spontaneity out of life.

But wouldn’t it be nice . . . just once or twice . . . to know where you are going to end up before you get there rather than after you arrived?


  • Mel

    That would be really sweet, Preston, and although it doesn’t do any apparent good, it does help to formalize the thought, put it out there and feel like you kind of did something rather than just mental spinning of wheels.
    In putting it out there, seems like I’m more at peace with that it can’t be that way and I might as well take the risk and go for it sometimes since that is the best option I have.
    Anyway… your right – this is what a blog is for and I’m going to get my money’s worth of pointless conversations and questions.

  • Preston

    You know what else would be nice? If you could predict how other people would react when you tell them stuff. Some days I would definitely prefer predictability to what we have now, where the future is a total fog and people can be impossible to read. Of course, it does no good to complain about things you can’t change. But that’s what message boards are for, right?

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