Faith Reflections

What Strong People Do

How telling the satisfaction we derive from carrying all the bags in one load from car to kitchen. Crooks of arms branded by momentary blood loss. Screaming muscles hushed by the pride of a few extra steps and minutes saved. Saved from what? Who knows. That isn’t the point, dear friend. The point is strong people carry all the bags in one load.

But maybe they don’t.

Bags or burdens, our approach is the same. We’re weighed down with personal pain, work strain, family needs, relational brokenness, ailing bodies, and fear fatigue – trying to carry it all in one load. The bags get heavier as we add things and lose strength, but we press on because we believe this is what strong people do.

But maybe they don’t.

This world will get heavy, my friends. Some seasons more than others. We don’t have to carry it all. It takes strength to make more trips. It takes courage to ask for help with the load. It takes wisdom to know which bags not to pick up again. How telling it would be to applaud these efforts, to boast of these endeavors, to be in awe of those who had nothing to prove and to believe …

Maybe this is what strong people do.

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