Random Reflections

Where did the week go?

What a busy week it has been. Sorry I haven’t been journaling faithfully. I had a deacon banquet on Monday night, C-Groups on Tuesday night and church on Wednesday.

C-groups are my high school student-led Bible studies. There are six of them – three on Tuesday nights and three on Wednesday nights. One of the Tuesday groups meets at my house every week from 7:30 – 9 pm. I love having them here. Last night was our first one for this school year and we had several repeaters from last year. It was like a family reunion – hugs; how-was-summer; etc. C-groups really become family for the youth that attend. We had a few new folks as well. It was also a good excuse to clean my basement which had not been done since they left in May! (how sad is that!!) Anyway – as I tell the kids, it’s like my house is blessed each week on Tuesdays with their presence and their beautiful conversation on God and life.

My dad worked on Wednesday laying the floor in the kitchen. He nearly got it finished. I spent some time today working on it as well. We are very near the end. Praise God! I think one more day and we will have the major kitchen pieces in place. I can’t wait to have my house back. Although it been cool having the refrigerator in the living and perhaps the knowledge of this might increase my dating potential, it is time for it to return to the kitchen.

Spent some lunch time with sister, Blake, mom and Grandma Baker. It was Blake’s first McDonald’s trip. He slept through it – of course. I’m beginning to think I have this drowsy effect on him. I took a few pictures and will add them to the site really soon.

This weekend is crazy busy. I am leading some workshops at a training event this weekend; Common Ground is having a barbecue on Saturday night and Sunday is jammed-packed with church; business meeting; belated baby shower for Greg and Ang and then our first youth worship service. (and Gilda to frame for it. I’m swamped!) (for Beth and Preston) Needless to say – I’ll probably not be posting over the weekend.

Hope everyone is doing well out there. Drop me a comment some time so I know SOMEONE is reading this blah, blah. (Thanks ADELE for your dang comment.) HA.

Peace – Melissa

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