Random Reflections

Where do the days go?

Sorry for the bloggin’ absence.  It has been very busy and by the time I could blog in the evenings I am too tired.  So I decided to take some lunch time to catch up my site.  My weekend was crazy full and I’m still recovering.  Friday night I had some girlfriends over for a slumber party!  Its been years since I’ve had one of those.  You should have seen my kitchen counter.  Well, you couldn’t see it for all the food spread out across it.  And delicious "bad-for-you" food. Yummy.  We girl-chatted for most of the night then watched Return to Me – one of my favorite movies! Then, we talked some more and finally went to bed.  So it was a late, late night.  Maria – thanks for not taking all the covers and for not falling asleep while I was talking! 🙂 

Saturday night I participated in a trivia-night fundraiser for Project Graduation. It was pretty fun and our team did really well.  I think fourth place or something.  I didn’t know very many of the questions though but I did learn a lot!

I jammed my finger in our basketball game on Sunday. It is swollen, bruised and it hurts still but it makes me feel like a real player . . . a ball player, that is. It was a good game. There were seven of us and we got some good exercise.  I’m enjoying playing each week and hope we continue to get new folks.

Sunday evening was our CG superbowl party and we had a great turnout and a great spread of food!  Yummy.  I kept yawning throughout the game though.  I was so tired from the weekend and the game wasn’t that exciting.

Last week I was gone for half of it to the Convergence conference in Hollister, MO.  It was a great experience and I’m really glad that I am part of the program. When I returned, I had volleyball games on Wednesday and Thursday nights. So, last week just went very quickly.

(I didn’t get to finish the above post at lunch.  A situation came up at work and then it was staff mtg and now I’m just back to the computer so I’m wrapping this up. No blogging on the job.  Only daydreaming. 😉

Peace – Melissa


  • They Call Me Baum...Kim Baum

    Hey! You need to update this! So are you enjoying all that wonderful candy? I need to talk to you about Disciple Now! Hoe many hours are we allowed to be gone? I talk to you on Wednesday or tomorrow night! Happy Valentine’s Day Eve!!!

  • Kayla

    It’s so very wonderful to hear from you again, and though the week might have been busy, I’m quite glad it was good.
    Your entries are so comforting to read, Melissa, and perhaps I shall have the chance to talk with you in person sometime.

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