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Winter is Here!

Winter came last night with a grand entrance.  We woke up to 12 – 14 inches of snow. Just two days ago we were enjoying rare 70 degree temps.  Now, we are bundled up like Randy from A Christmas Story.  I spent 3 hours shoveling my sidewalk and driveway.  Still a good chunk of ice on part of it where the sun doesn’t shine but for the most part it works.

Here are some pictures of the house this morning. The snow is absolutely gorgeous! It is definitely a winter wonderland.



I had to go out late afternoon and evening for a wedding rehearsal.  Tomorrow I officiate the wedding of my friends, Preston and Amy.  They are just positive folks who are taking this whole weather thing with great attitudes. Some would let the fact that roads are closed and airports are shut down ruin their special day. Almost everyone managed to make it in tonight except for two of the groomsmen.  They should be here tomorrow.  The dinner and rehearsal went fine.  The roads weren’t so great but my jeep handled them well. 

So it is a beautiful winter wonderland here in Missouri.  The most snow we’ve had in years – many, many years.  It is an unusual sabbath where the whole city has been shut down.  May we take the time to experience a true sabbath in the gift of this snowstorm.

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