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Winter Weather is Here

It is a winter wonderland in my neck of the woods this weekend.  We had a pretty significant ice storm that rolled through mid-Missouri starting last night and throughout the day. With a solid coating of ice on everything, many tree limbs have fallen throughout the morning bringing with it loud popping sounds and an enormous amount Dsc_00101_4 of debris.  With some of the fallen limbs knocking out power lines, there are approximately 13,000 in town without power or at least they were earlier in the day.  Hopefully, it will be back up soon.


These are pictures from my house today.  The top picture is from my back deck.  The bottom picture is a close-up of the grass in my front yard.  It really takes on a different look when each blade of grass is incased in ice! 

We are bracing for another ice storm to come through on Monday afternoon or evening.

I am on vacation this week and the weather shouldn’t effect it too much.  I had some inside projects to do and the weather will force me to get it finished.

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  • Kailey

    Looks like you guys get to experience what we did in January. Hope you are holding up well. Can’t wait to see you on Wed! Let me know if plans change b/c of the weather.

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