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I’ve been robbed. It’s so sad.

Someone has taken my April. I swear it was just here the other day and then I turn around and… it’s gone.  If anyone finds it, please return it to me. I miss it and I really, really need it.

Invisible_children Last night went to a local showing of Invisible Children and a benefit concert.  The Go Help Club at the local public high school sponsored the event.  I went not only because I’m a big supporter of Invisible Children but because one of the two bands was a band of some of my youth guys.  It was a great night.  I wish more people had come but some new people heard about the issues in Northern Uganda, some letters were written to political leaders, and some money was raised.  I heard a new story about a boy named Sunday and also purchased a DVD about a girl named Grace.  Looking forward to showing it to the youth soon.

This weekend is part II of Sharefest 08.  The church I serve did a big community service event last weekend and we finish it up this Saturday with some better weather for outside painting.  Last weekend we painted inside our partner elementary school, did some landscaping outside, did yard cleanup in the community, collected food and toiletries for distribution and even got some folks in to donate blood.  Its been a great event with several church members getting their hands dirty making a difference.

Looking forward to hanging out with some friends tomorrow night in COMO (Columbia, MO). If you are in the area, make sure to come to the Cherry St. Artisan in downtown Columbia at 8:30 pm for some awesome music.  Featured Bands: Lacy Adair, Ross Christopher, and Zach and Glen.

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